New temperature sensors by ARaymond—for EV and hybrid thermal management

New temperature sensors by ARaymond—for EV and hybrid thermal management

ARaymond, global leader in automotive fastening and assembly systems, adds temperature sensors to its thermal management offering for electric and hybrid vehicles. 

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With over 155 years of industrial know-how and +30 years of automotive fluid handling expertise, ARaymond’s focus is now to purposefully contribute to the electric vehicle revolution. This means developing products and solutions that make assembly more productive, thermal management more efficient, and lifecycle more sustainable. 
EV and Hybrid thermal management systems are increasingly demanding in terms of performance, space, efficiency, and safety. These entail accurate temperature control of the electric powertrain requiring more sensors in the cooling system. Most temperature sensors on the market have a metallic body making them bulky and heavy. As proprietary owners of their in-house manufacturing processes, ARaymond immediately saw an opportunity to leverage its plastic injection legacy to produce a notably lighter plastic-enclosed temperature sensor, fittingly responsive, for thermal application.

Lighter, slighter, and eco-friendly 

  • A slighter temperature sensor implies minimal impact on coolant flow, critical to ensuring optimum system sizing and to furthering overall thermal system efficiency.
  • A compact design will fit into tight and challenging spaces facilitating integration.
  • Mastery of the plastic injection process allows customers to choose a sustainable material for the production of the temperature sensors.
  • Thanks to ARaymond’s proximity to customers in 25 countries around the world, they allow them to comply with their promise of quality, environmental impact reduction, and Corporate Social Responsibility criteria.

And in continually looking to add value to their customer’s experience, ARaymond also offers their temperature sensors assembled with or fully integrated into one of their Quick Connectors (QC). In addition to the benefits of the temperature sensors themselves, when assembled or fully integrated into ARaymond QCs, they provide automakers with more serviceability, security, and the peace of mind of working through a single supplier. 

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As Florent Paviot, Business Developer at ARaymond explains, 
“We’ve drawn on our hallmarks to create a sensor solution for our customers that will enhance their overall assembly experience. 

Sensor technology will play an essential role as automakers continue to develop EV technology. ARaymond is proud to play its role in supporting this revolution and to help ensure the EVs being driven around the world are running at peak performance.” 

ARaymond will be exhibiting its new temperature sensors at the Battery Show Europe in Messe Stuttgart from May 23 to 25. Booth 10-E90.